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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design with a beautiful contemporary decor featuring large color details. The color of these environments looks simple and elegant, using a cute colorful is what got each of these environments look different, very creative.

In the first image, we can see the decoration of the room. It has high ceilings and a modern staircase that connects the ground floor and first floor. We can see how it is played with different heights while in the foreground we have a modern set of chairs with cushions in a striking color pattern on the back. We can see the modern dining room furniture.
Decoration of The Room

The modern bathroom interior design is a work of art. Its wood floors make the inhabitants of this luxury home sits in a beautiful room with the oriental decor. Very soothing textures and colors are part of this modern bathroom. Bathroom furniture with a glossy finish complement the decor of this remarkable environment.
Modern Bathroom Interior Design

The Modern Kitchen Design
The kitchen shows a design something crazy but very well thought out. The modern interior design of this house, which leads to things like we see in the picture above, can be combined with the decor of the rest of the house. Floors checkered red and white blend with furniture of the same colors. One point worth noting is the fantastic old refrigerator, it, in red, gives an extremely retro to this fantastic modern kitchen.

Restroom Interior Design
Finally, we show a photo of one of the restrooms in this big house. The modern interior design of this room makes everything look strange. We can see how it has played with the round shapes to recreate a very modern and striking. Once again, the color red, along with white, become the protagonists of the decoration.


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